DevOps & Application Lifecycle

Management Software Consultancy


Brand independent & Open Source knowledgeable



Experience and expertise

OpenICT has extensive experience in the field of software management and development

Our services cover 5 DevOps core activities:

  • Software Configuration Management
  • Software development process support
  • Scripted automation of builds and deployments
  • Release management & coordination
  • Software security tooling




Our software specialists have hands-on experience working with various tools for:

Development: Eclipse, RAD, VVSAD, SOAP UI, Hermes JMS...
SCM: ClearCase, Plastic SCM, git, Subversion, PVCS, Quality Center...
Automation: Tivoli, Jenkins, Hudson, VC...



Our customer portfolio contains corporate clients who rely on us to manage and develop applications that are critical for their daily operations. Furthermore we guide and assist large and small companies who develop and commercialise their own software applications and suites.
>> Reference Cases for DevOps consultancy work




ROI of ALM software investment

Investment in software tools can be expensive and the ROI may be uncertain. Our OpenICT software consultants will help you calculating the ROI of your potential investment. They will guide you through the decision process for your software purchase.