Reference Cases for DevOps consultancy work



Project 1

OpenICT develops and supports an automatic build and release tool chain. Therefore they are using
tools like Tivoli deployment manager, Clearcase Software Configuration management (SCM), Jenkins.
OpenICT is involved in the technical architecture solution. OpenICT helps to realise migration towards
Clearcase. OpenICT trains development teams and team leaders about SCM and Build & Deploy
systems. The development group consists of over 1000 developers.

Project 2

OpenICT is executing and supporting automatic security scans using AppScan from IBM. This is
currently being rolled out for over 200 software development projects.


OpenICT worked out release management processes, and supervised the execution of the releases.
Our consultants assisted in the migration from a Solaris to a Linux platform.


OpenICT supported the Clearcase installation and roll-out
for a group of over 500 software
developers. It involved a multisite scope with datacenters in Belgium, India, Czech Republic and
Poland. The software platforms involved were Windows Server and Solaris.


OpenICT assisted with software configuration management (SCM) and supported specifically an
installed base of Clearcase software, including multisite implementations across the Atlantic. Clearcase
software is used to manage the development activities of over 1000 software developers. Platforms
concerned were Solaris and Redhat Linux.